We offer delivery 7 days a week to the greater Indianapolis area.
Calls are returned during normal business hours. Voicemail is
available 24/7.
All Happy Everything’s catering deliveries will be assessed a deliv-
ery fee based on the delivery location & accessibility. Happy Every-
thing Catering will require reasonalbe access to the area of the
event in order to deliver. This may include the use of lifts to upper
and lower floors, the use of loading bays and vehicular access. If
additional labor is required (e.g. access across lawns to marquees
during inclement weather), we reserve the right to make a charge
for this. Happy Everything’s delivery person will assist in the set-up
of ordered food only. Happy Everything is not responsible for
moving tables, furniture, table cloths, flowers arrangements, etc.
Approximate delivery fees:  
All orders between $250 - $599
$10.00 - $50.00
All orders between $600 - $1499
7% delivery & set-up fee
All orders $1500 and above
14% delivery & set-up fee